Advantage of using a baby comforter, security blanket.

Fortify your little one’s comfort with our gentle handmade Muslin Baby Comforter. After being in your womb for nine months, your baby requires a safe, warm, comforting buddy to cuddle with, and that is why we made our Baby Comforter.

Soft, cuddly, breathable, and perfect for little hands to hold, our muslin baby comforter will become their favourite buddy, developmental companion and can accompany your child on sleepovers, day-care, travels and more!
Here are the advantages of our baby comforter.

Helps your baby self-soothe.

Self-soothing is dependent on your baby recognising your scent and having their brain tell them that their parent is near, so they are safe to sleep. For this we recommend wearing the comforter inside your top for a few hours to absorb your scent. When your little one then sleeps with it, they will instantly feel calmer and reassured by the scent of your smell.

They are the Perfect Travel Companion!

The wonderful thing about our Bunny Comforter is that it is perfectly easy to transport. No need to hassle by trying to fit it into a bag. It has been designed to provide comfort for your baby and easy packing for you. This makes our comforter the best travel companion for your little one. Our Bunny Baby Comforter is your baby’s next best friend. After all, what is a journey without a best friend?

They help your baby learn independence.

Independence does not mean that your little one is learning not to need you, it just means they can feel safe knowing that when you are not there that they can rely on themselves for comfort because they have their Bunny Comforter with them: a quiet, soft and gentle reminder that “mom and dad will be here soon, so I am ok until then.”


Cami & Alina

Norishor xox

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  • My son now has three of the baby bunny comforters (muzzy bunny is our knickname for them), he loves them so much, they have helped him settle in at nursery easily too. We have one for home and spare to take where ever we go! They wash SO well, they’re so easy to pack when out and about and they’re so soft and cuddly too! He had his first one from when he was born and just adores them, even I adore them! x


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