Story Time

A story about family!

Two sisters from the heart of Transylvania ( yes, yes from Dracula’s county, but don’t worry we won’t bite 😊) that dreamed big about the future. Norishor was born out of the desire to create timeless pieces for your little ones.

Driven by our love for beauty and creation, our focus when we started Norishor in 2018 was to create unique items for your little loved ones using the best fabrics available, always organic and eco friendly.

All our products are designed by us or in collaboration with local artists. Our inspiration is drawn from nature and mostly made in the UK by our own hands. 

If you ever wonder what ‘Norishor’ means, well… is a fluffy cloud that likes to travel and explore. Always reshaping and reinventing itself, bringing new ideas and concepts to our store.


Cami & Alina xx