What are baby knotted gowns used for?

Benefits of a Baby Gown 

A baby is more likely to sleep and feel settled when they are comfortable. In the womb your baby felt warm and secure. Our knotted gown recreates the womb feeling by providing a tight, warm and cozy fit. How does the Baby Gown benefit your baby and you? 

Hands-free hassle!

Caring for your little bundle of joy should be a joy for you, and our Knotted Baby Gown is yours to do just that. It puts the ‘fun’ back in functionality, it has removed the irritation of buttons, zippers, or snaps. So, all dads out there, there are no more excuses not to change a nappy. The baby gown is a simple tying and untying of the knot by the legs. The knot provides easy access at the bottom which makes frequent diaper changes super easy. Once done, simply tie in a knot for a secure fit and snug baby.

It’s like sleeping in a cloud.

This baby gown is perfect for 0 – 3 months where the baby will be able to sleep in our soft and organic cotton fabric that is breathable. Being GOTS certified makes our baby gown the most trusted gown amongst moms and dads alike. In addition to the soft, breathable material, our knotted gowns have fold-over mittens to prevent scratches. The sack style of a knotted baby gown keeps your newborn warm and cozy without being too restricted.

The Baby Gown feeling is familiar.

After nine months of being snug and warm in a tightly enclosed womb, why not continue that safe feeling when your baby is born? The baby gown imitates the womb to help your newborn sleep peacefully because it’s familiar to them.

You’ll both sleep tight.

For the number of times the nappy needs to be changed in the first few months, you can imagine how disruptive it would be to unbutton / unzip the onesie, pull each leg out, change the nappy and shove each leg back into their pockets. The baby gown ensures uninterrupted sleep while changing the nappy. This doe not only go for your baby, this also helps you to sleep tight because you don’t need to be wide awake while changing the nappy by ensuring you’ve put the correct leg in the correct pocket. You can literally tie the knot in your sleep and sleep tight yourself.


Cami & Alina

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